28 Mar 2023
  • 1. Department of Medical Laboratory Science, Kampala International University, Uganda.


Sickle cell anaemia is single point mutation in position 6 of globin chain by valine replacing glutamic acid resulting to sickling and polymerization of red blood cells. This affects the supply of oxygen and vaso-occulisve crisis may set causing many systemic damages and creates great burden to the parents and the entire society.The burden of sickle cell anaemia is still high in Africa not minding the level of awareness in the society. The selective protective advantage of protection of sickle cell trait due the endemicity of malaria may be a major factor on the burden level in Africa as well as some culture. More sickle cell education should be given in public places and included in the curriculum of different levels of education for prevention.

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[Emmanuel Ifeanyi Obeagu, Yakuku Sunday Bot, Derrick Opoku, Getrude Uzoma Obeagu and Abdulwasiu Oladele Hassan (2023); SICKLE CELL ANAEMIA: CURRENT BURDEN IN AFRICA Int. J. of Inov. and App. Res. (2). 12-14] (ISSN 2348-0319).

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